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Hygenic Wall Cladding

Hygienic Wall Cladding is in high demand from many industries - we regularly install within hospitals, schools, prisons, sports facilities, shops, restaurants, hotels, offices and factories. It is ideal for fast track projects and any areas requiring a cost effective hygienic wall surface.

A hard-wearing, anti-bacterial solution to covering your walls without paint or tiles, wall cladding is a practical and sensible wall covering. Boasting a watertight and smooth surface, our wall cladding is waterproof, preventing all liquids from contaminating the structure underneath. Wall cladding does not require grout, allowing for a seamless seal around light switches, plugs, and other fittings. Not using grout also makes wall cladding far more hygienic than tiling. As wall cladding is one seamless covering, there are no cracks or seams for bacteria to hide in. Specially rounded thermoformed corners also allow for easy cleaning and disinfecting.

Hygienic wall cladding is one of the strongest and safest wall coverings commercially available - it can withstand impacts that would seriously damage other wall coverings

Hygienic wall cladding is a revolutionary product that was originally aimed at the care sector and is now a widely used product in many different sectors to bring you the very best of options to keep your hygienic areas as bacterial friendly as possible. Please see some benefits below:-

  • Very low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Better value than ceramic tiles
  • Manufacturers guarantees available
  • NO bacteria in your grout lines

We also offer stainless steel wall cladding for those demanding areas such as behind main kitchen cooklines, with matching stainless steel Profile & Trim options.

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