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Altro Whiterock Wall Cladding

Altro Whiterock is a durable, decorative, hygienic alternative to paint or wall tiles. It provides a seamless, watertight impervious surface that can be hygienically finished around fixtures and fittings.

Altro Whiterock fully bonding system includes thermoformed pencil rounded corners giving bacteria nowhere to hide. It's easy to clean and disinfect, low maintenance cost and high durability make it an excellent long term investment.

Altro Whiterock high quality hygienic PVCu polymer meets all EU health and hygiene regulations and is available in a range of colours, patterned or natural stone effects with matching trims to provide a seamless effect.


Food Processors and Manufacturers, Restaurants, Hotels, Dairies, High Street Food Shops, Supermarkets, Schools, Brewery and Drinks Suppliers and many more...


Smooth and impervious, tough to crack, easy to clean, grout free, sealed transitions between wall, floor and ceiling, can be wiped clean, can be hosed down, long lasting, impact resistant, highly durable, virtually maintenance free, smooth and impervious.

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