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Trovex Diamond is the unbeatable hygienic surface for food, health and leisure environments.

It's tough enough to offer all-round pure protection in the most demanding environments. But it’s great-looking and exceptionally easy to keep clean too, with an almost seamless appearance and absolutely no grout.

Trovex Diamond offers exceptional resistance to impact, spills and stains, while the built-in power of Bactiban™ prevents bacteria, whether on walls or ceilings.

In addition to its impressive benefits, Diamond’s success rests on its versatility. It can be thermo-formed around corners, married up with stainless-steel surfaces or formed into ultra-hygienic doorsets - providing a stunning finish, guaranteed.
Perfect for safe, stylish and hygienic food-preparation areas

Creates leisure environments that are pure, fresh and invigorating

Ideally suited to sterile clinical areas, with Bactiban™ total resistance to rot and bacteria built in

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